At a time when the old rules of fashion and retail are constantly challenged, we have decided to launch our new exclusive capsule collection on a pre-order basis. This system is an effective way to reduce our environmental footprint and eliminate the usual waste that goes with producing a high volume of clothes.


Why Pre-order?

The benefit of the pre-orders are simple: you benefit from a lower price and have the chance to secure a rare and high quality piece. The clothes are produced only after you buy it. This means that there will be no unwanted stock. Only enough for you to change size if needed.


Once the pre-order session ends, the making of your clothes will take three weeks. During that time, we monitor the production with our partners from A to Z. That way you are informed at every step of the process: from the arrival of the fabric, to the cut, and on to the finishing touches.


Once the pieces are ready, they will be directly delivered to your home in 5-10 days