Shaggy - Marble Gemstone

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A legendary item of the men’s wardrobe: the Shaggy Dog sweater has been worn by the likes of Ivy League students, American presidents such as JFK, or rock stars like Mick Jagger. It is made of high quality brushed virgin wool from Scotland and has a distinctive hairy texture that feels like a comfortable blanket : perfect for the cold months. Bartholomé measures 187 cm and wears a size M.

- Knitted Shaggy Dog sweater
- 100% wool
- Ribbed edges
- Tubular construction
- Standard fit
- Made in Scotland

Regardless of trends, at Harmony, we offer you a timeless approach to luxury. Our workshops are selected with the most exacting standards. The majority of our production is manufactured in Europe and France with quality fabrics, always in close-knit, people-friendly family workshops, which we visit on a regular basis. We offer you the essential elements of the ideal wardrobe at a fair price all year long. To achieve this, we decided to produce exceptional products while reducing our margins. This is the price to pay to get a fair price.

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